Thursday, July 24, 2008

Water, water, water

So we are far from done with our water issues... It looks like aside from the French Drain we will need to dig up the basement concrete flooring in order to drain the water that must be underneath... It's good to find this out now, before we start remodeling... However, it's a big setback...

On a seperate note, I am on my second week of inhaled Hypertonic Saline. I have to say that I'm not certain I feel any different. I started it when I was sick and also started antibiotics, so I feel like the improvement in my cough is due to the antibiotics. But, according to what I've read the real advantage to the inhaled saline is that I should have fewer infections... therefore much less coughing in the long run. That inhaled saline might help CF lungs was discovered after a CF center in Australia noticed higher lung functions among it's CF surfer population. Now where was I for THAT study... Australian surfers... obviously, I'd have had to learn to surf... and to swim, probably....

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