Friday, January 13, 2017

And here we all are

Years later.
The boy did indeed have spine surgery to fuse his C1 and C2 due to them never having fused.  Evidently, he has been a bit of a ticking bomb all his life and it is quite literally amazing that with all the crazy stunts he has done and mishaps which have befallen him and roofs that he has scaled that he didn't (quite literally) drop dead with this never-fused thang.
He had the surgery at Harborview.  Trent and I survived the whole thing and then a month or two later I found myself in a bit of PTSD territory.  We all made it through.  Gus healed at a ridiculous pace.  Apparently 15 year old boys do do that.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Breakneck Speed

Question I was asked today:  "Seriously though, do you have ANY realistic idea of how cool your kid is?"

Gus came along, number three boy after two chubby-bubby, laid back, take it slow past due-date babies.  He came early: a tiny alien thing to us....   Small boned, curly headed and absolutely gorgeous.  He walked early, climbed early, drove early.  His sister who came four five years later was a perfect antidote....  she was late, plump and took forEVER to walk.  (Her paternal grandmother, seriously suggested that she would probably need "braces" to walk.)

At some point this kid appears to have broken his neck.  Yep. Tomorrow we will find out if it was congenital or if it is something that happened and we managed to miss.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

anything but running....

I never, ever wanted to run.  Or walk, for evercise.  EVER.  I hate running.  AND.  I hate walking.  However, I was tired of going to the Y.  Tired of our local Y increasing my monthly rate every year.  (I loved the classes I attended though.)  So I got a new BFF and we started walking in September.  Now we are runners.  We don't love it.  BUT we are running.  Granted, the word "running" might be a stretch....

Sunday, February 16, 2014

In which Bay finds herself Home Alone.

I have only had a "job" for six months.  AND it's a part-time one at that.  The inevitable happens;  Bay gets the bus home instead of staying at school for Little Loggers Cheerleading.  No one is home.  She gets the computer set up on the dining room table.  Gets a placemat (towel) and pours her self a big bowl of chocolate cereal.  Either does not notice (Bay can be oblivious) or does not care that there is no one else home.  Settles in to some tacky high-pitched California tween-show.

Later on that evening I asked her, "Bay....  I love that you were okay with being here alone.... were you a bit scared or worried at all?"
Bay, in that chirpy little giving-very-little-thought-to-the-question: "No."
Me: You DO know the rules if you are ever home alone, right???  (These rules would be: don't cook anything.... don't turn the stove on and in Gus's case : don't light any fires or cut down any trees.)  (Literally....  there's  a true story there in that last bit.)
Bay, in a bored, singsong voice : "Yeah mom, no parties.... and no friends stay over if you aren't here".
Huh.  Not SOOOO oblivious that she doesn't know the TEENAGERS rules of Home Alone.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Life of a Cleaning Lady

I got a job.... or at least I go out to work now.
The children say things like : Are you working today?
I could not chaperon a school field trip because I had to "work".  It's an adjustment, but weirdly, I like it.  I like that I am not in an office and I like that I don't have to wear a uniform and I like that I'm not being coughed and sneezed on by a flu-ridden public.  I would dearly love to make coffee for a living...  Damn.  I'd be a good barista!  And fuck - I'd be funny!  Buuuuuuuut..... then a flu-ridden public would not like their coffee being made by a sniffling hacking sick barista.  Oh well....  life.... it's a fucker.

Two friends and I started our own cleaning business and since August we are steadily building a clientele and I am working about 45 hours a month.  It's pretty lucrative and it's hard work but I like it.  And as in the cobbler's children.... my house isn't clean any more.

And then I got a NEW, smaller, portable Vest....


And a NEW, smaller, portable nebuliser and suddenly the whole cluster fuck became muuuuuuuch more doable

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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