Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We are almost ready to start filling the trenches back in. It has been a challenge keeping the dirt to a minimum during this excavating stage. Everything in the house has been coated by dirt. I vacuum most days but you wouldn't know it.

Bay woke up totally crabby today. Completely unlike her. She has had a cold for a few days but that hasn't slowed her down so far. Today, nothing could make her happy. At breakfast she sat looking at the ground... asking for hot chocolate... asking for Graham Crackers... wouldn't say "please" or "thank you"... then didn't eat anything anyway. She is asleep now... and hopefully she'll wake up happier.

Trent is picking up the boys BIG birthday gift today. We are getting them a trampoline in lieu of a party. They made the choice. I really didn't want to drive back to Buckley to put a party together... so we made a deal. They don't know what they are getting but we told them it was
a) a BIG ticket item
b) not electronic (i.e. not a PS3)
and c) did not have a motor (i.e. not a Quad)

Gene has guessed it, but the others don't have a clue. They have wanted one for years and we always said no. Trent is still not convinced that this is a good idea and predicts many trips to the ER.

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