Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trent's Birthday

The boys have NEVER been so excited for Trent's birthday. Gus was the most excited to see him and assail him with roars of "happy birthday"! (ROARS) Neil put much more work into the actual day... planning the food, wanting me to make a cheesecake (cause Trent loves it), taking great care and huge time to create a "funny" card. Gus made me wake him at 6a.m. to wish Trent a "happy birthday" but couldn't be woken... didn't even flinch... but Gene actually got up wished him a gravelly "happy birthday dad" (then went back to bed for an hour). With our new budget it wasn't quite an orange, a stick of peppermint candy and a bright shiny new penny, but it wasn't the gift display of yesteryear!!

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