Sunday, November 2, 2008

Working mother

Homeschooling feels like a full time job. It really does. I used to try to get all housework done before the weekend so that I was free for family time... and I still am... but today as I vacuumed I realized that it felt really strange not to have to think about what the boys were doing all the time today. I remembered that nice feeling on Friday night knowing that I didn't have to work on Gus's math plan for the following day. I also thought about the number of times this week that I have found myself explaining to Trent why something didn't get done (not that Trent requires explanation), the reason being that school comes first, food second, laundry third... After that we are lucky to get the floor vacuumed or a sink shone!! I thought that homeschooling would be an extention of my parenting and it IS BUT it is also like being a working mother! I love it though and it's been good to not feel so defined by a picked up orderly house.

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