Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Monday... time to sign another counter-offer. Anyone would think that we didn't want to sell the bloody thing. Thankfully we have an amazing realtor keeping us calm. We have had crazy offers, ridiculous offers, maybe offers... Today's is a mixed bag. We hear that the people really like the house... but the 25K low ball offer is one we can't take. No point... So, we countered and now we'll wait and see... again...

In the meantime we are on the fast track to Christmas. The boys are so excited... even cool and mature Gene. He is the most worried about prospective loot because he knows more about our financial strain carrying both mortgages. I'm pretty confident that he will be happy on the big day. I plan to wrap one of his two main gifts in a disguised box labeled for me... then just when he thinks "no Red Ryder BB Gun"... I'll unwrap the "last" gift... which will turn out to be his big ticket item... Should be good to get the last word...

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