Saturday, February 28, 2009

25 (or so) Random Things, but who's counting...

Holy Crap. I am 40... Life is good... Money is irrelevant... (I'd like more though, we're happy, not stupid)... My house is often messy... Neil can read really well now... Trent and I get to have coffee together every day... Thank God we bought that ridiculously expensive espresso machine two years ago... Gene, Neil and I sang "Eye of the Tiger" (badly) in the car yesterday and all I could think was : Gene and I laughing AND singing AND being goofy: how nice!... Bay would watch movies all day if I let her... Trent LOVES his job... We have about 30 packets of seeds to plant... organically... We have made friends here... I love our dogs... Gus's cat loves me... I could live without the phone but not the computer... I am a better speller and have a bigger vocabulary and Trent still beats me in scrabble (or our new favorite: Bananagrams) ALL the time... I have a lot of grey hair... I am 40... Holy Crap.

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  1. I love this and also the fact that you hate the phone as much as I do!


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