Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jake's Bar and Grill...

Shirley and Charlie came a few weeks ago and I have to say that they DO pull off the Grandparent thing WITH style. Shirley usually comes bearing gifts of homemade food... (either snail rolls (my personal favorite) or chocolate chip cookies (everyone else's favorite)) Charlie diligently plays catch with each boy. They like all the animals (even the ones who are blatantly mannerless!)

Gene called their house the other night and Trent and I overheard his side of the conversation. After Gene dialed we heard him say... "uh, what? ummmm I think I must've dialed the wrong number... uhhhh sorry....." Trent and I caught each other's eye and he mouthed "Jake's Bar and Grill... Jake speaking" I nodded back and started snickering....then we both started laughing. Charlie has used this answer forEVER and NO one EVER falls for it anymore. We waited until Gene stammered.... "GRANDPA???? was THAT YOU???? We could hear Charlie laughing over the phone. Gene probably made Grandpa's MONTH. Only one thing Charlie likes MORE than a gullible grandson... and that's a gullible daughter-in-law... but I learned my lesson YEARS ago.

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