Friday, May 15, 2009


The house is NOT our house. (This is not my beautiful house.....) The house closed. The deal is done. We officially only own ONE house now. Granted we kept the shittier of the two houses... but this one has potential that the other house did not have.... Now I love Craftsman Houses more that I can say, however... this house is such a box that it seems devoid of style... Sounds bad? Well, it's not pretty, that's for sure... but the advantage to the Ranch is that it has great basic structure, and we can really open ourselves up into making it into what we want. We'll try to stay with the basics of ranch homes.... but we won't be as restricted as we were with our Craftsman. It IS a Ranch Style house. But Ranch houses are somewhat without style for me. Interesting website about the style found at Ranch Revival.

The formal definition of the style couldn't get more basic. The American Heritage® Dictionary defines the Ranch as a "rectangular, one-story house with a low-pitched roof." Wikipedia calls it: The Ranch is "a common term used to describe a single story house often built with a very horizontal appearance. The entrance is often low to the surrounding grade of land, although some with basements have a more elevated entrance and are called 'raised ranches.' They are occasionally surrounded by large amounts of land, but in the second half of the 20th century it was commonly used as a style in tract developments."

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