Sunday, May 24, 2009


The boys have three weeks left until summer holidays. I can't wait either. I think I'll finally start working out... I can leave Bay here asleep if Gene is here and hopefully she'll still be asleep by the time I get home. The place I want to work out at has no childcare. I'll do it for the summer and then join the Y in the autumn. Gus just took another huge leap in his reading.... When he started school in the middle of February he was reading 4 words a minute... then his amazing teacher tested him around the end of march and he was reading 26 words a minute... She tested him last week and he is reading 48 words a minute. Now, this is still far behind where he should be for his grade level, but luckily, I know better than to worry about this when he is making such great progress. His teacher is as excited about it as we are and keeps reminding us that he is a really hard worker... She may be crazy.... We love her.

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