Monday, January 18, 2010

You Know You Are Getting Old When

Gene's first babysitter is having her baby shower....  Lindsey is one of those people you can imagine with a troop of kids surrounding her.  She is super artistic and artsy and funky and funny.  She always got our sense of humor.  Trent and I had never heard of craigslist until Lindsey showed it to us one night.  Now she's going to be a mom and of course on a personal note it means that I am getting OLD!!  I've been able to be in touch with her again on facebook.  She is one of the people on facebook who does not do a lot of editing.  We all have the edited versions of our lives on fb...  Lindsey is pretty much straight up.  It's very refreshing.  Another friend of mine purged her facebook friends list last week.  She justified it by saying that most of the people that she dropped won't even notice because they never respond to any of her posts anyway.  I've often felt that I'd like to do something similar.  I'm pretty sure I've pissed off plenty of people on facebook with either my profanity, my lack of faith or my politics.  (Or all three.... in fact for some of my friends those things are connected and it is my job and privilege to screw with them whenever I can.)  I wonder why they are on my page.  Why don't they drop me?  I'm sure they have me "hidden".  They SHOULD drop me!  I should drop THEM.  And I MIGHT.  I just MIGHT.

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