Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hold that thought....

Gene is starting at Crescent on Tuesday.  Or, as I like to say... consistency and order are the keys to good parenting...  (oh  ha.  ha.  ha.)  The change of heart stemmed from a conversation with my friend Sabina (who does not read this blog) who suggested we "man up" to the decision we have so obviously already made but are afraid to execute.  So... after talking to Sabina I immediately made an appointment with the principal at Crescent (this was a trick move on my part because by setting an appointment I knew that only one result could come from the meeting).  It worked.  Crescent listened to us, asked pertinent questions, told us what they would do if Gene were in their school ... and we signed the boy up.

The ironic thing is that that very same day one year before was Gus's first day in 2nd Grade with Mrs Curtin.  That was the right move for Gus AND for us...  Neil started six months after Gus and that was the right move for Neil... and six months later I firmly believe that it is the right move for Gene.

The little boys are thrilled...  Now can I get away with taking Gene's "first day" photo as he gets on the bus with Gene and Neil on Tuesday morning??

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