Monday, March 1, 2010

Skipping School

Tomorrow was to be "Back To Workout Day"... but Neil went to bed complaining of "not feeling good" and so I think I may be home with him.  (Of course, given that I've skipped working out for two weeks in a row I am glad of a "real" excuse to not go.  Two weeks skipped?  It's easy-peasy to skip two months.)  Neil  LOVES school and never misses any.  Last week I let Gus stay home (he was up until after 11pm with his cousins and would have been a NIGHTMARE to wake up and probably a nightmare in school, so I kept him hom (he slept until almost 11a.m.)  Neil was up and out the same morning with nary a backward glance...  He has a great teacher whom he loves, loves, loves.  The nice thing for me is that I never have to question his motives : if he says he "doesn't feel good" then he doesn't feel good. 

Gus is very, very, very, very, very sad because his teacher is moving away.  I knew he'd be sad, but the day that she told the class the news he got off the bus, asked me if I knew about Mrs. Curtin moving away and then walked away from me trying to hide his tears.  He pretty much cried all day.  It was heartbreaking.  This is NOT a kid given to tears or drama.  He is still horribly sad about it but is comforted by being able to blame Mrs. Curtin's husband for accepting a job offer in Virginia.  The new line now is "I'm so mad at Stu"... there are far less tears now that he has moved on to annoyance.

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