Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break

We had two great family days during Spring Break.  Our friends the Bossellmans' spent a day here (fun, dogs, chocolate, dirt, noise, chat) and today our friends the Narolskis' visited (fun, beach, barbeque, kids, catch-ups).  Two great families.  Lots of good times.  Ironically, the one day we scheduled as an ACTUAL family day wasn't half as much fun as these thrown together days.  We still haven't been able to get our planting done.  We have 65 trees lying dormant in a box in our driveway, waiting for the "orchard" to dry out enough for us to get them planted.  Our seeds are here too and we may get our garden started next weekend.  On another spring note, I am sharing my laundry room with three baby chicks.  How I love my free range hens laying their wonderful free range eggs.  I love them almost as much as I dislike my little free range chicks laying their not so wonderful free range poo all over their box, which I then have to clean out once a day.  Stinky, smelly things.  Ginny wants to have one so, so, so badly.  She sits, statue-still and watches that box for hours (literally).  Trent dislikes the chicks as much as Ginny loves them.

The next two months until Summer Vacation flies by, I know that from experience!  I am finally feeling better.  Antibiotics are done since last Thursday and if I manage to drag my lazy ass to the gym tomorrow and the next day and the next day, I might actually start to feel 100%.  I missed my appointment at the UW due to a big storm that left us without electricity for a few hours.  By the time the power came back on I had time to get the boys out the door to school but it was way too late for me to make my appointment.  I couldn't help but feel relieved at having a legitimate excuse for missing one (I don't think I ever have before) because it was a nasty, wet, windy, stormy night followed by a nasty, wet, windy, stormy morning and I was not looking forward to the drive.  Lame.  I know.  But in my defense : I really did feel like shite.

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