Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Fourth Year we celebrated with our big extended family.  It's getting harder to get everyone together but we are trying to hold this one sacred.  Everyone has a good time. Families (in alphabetical order): Bossellman, Carver, O'Flynn, O'Leary, Peppard, Peppard.  This was the first year we had fireworks.  Personally I could do without them.  The kids thought they were the highlight of weekend.  The dads, magnanimously allowed each kid set multiple fireworks off (an emergency room visit just begging to happen... BEGGING).  All dogs (except Ginny who napped through the show) cowered in the house.  We had our first annual Pop Quiz (compiled by Gene and me) and won by the Bossellmans'.  Next year I want to have a huge game of Duck, Duck, Goose (100% participation required).

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