Thursday, September 9, 2010

Carrie, you'll like this! (Subheading: Why I Love To Read)

One of the reasons that I got practically nothing done on Tuesday was because I was desperate to finish the latest Marian Keyes.  I have got to post this excerpt.  (Geeeeze I don't know why..... although I suspect that many of us regardless of how many children we have might (just MIGHT) be able to relate).

"Jill was obsessed with hotels.  Her favorite fantasy was that her Southfork house had fallen into a hole, it was the builder's fault so there was insurance money, and while it was being straightened up she had to live in a hotel.  She adored hotels.  You could make shit of the place, absolute shit-abandon towels on the floor, get make-up on the sheets, spill ketchup on the carpet, even break wine glasses-and it was all someone else's problem.  (Sometimes, on bad days, the fantasy included the subplot that her four children, her husband and her mother were trapped in the up-ended house.  She entertained no ill will toward them, she simply didn't want them in the hotel with her, so they were alive and well, playing lots of Monopoly and subsisting on canned foods.)


  1. Yup! Whats the name of that one?

  2. "The Brightest Star In The Sky".... suffer through the first few pages.... it is a strange beginning... then it turns into all her other great character books! Did you like "This Charming Man"?


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