Thursday, September 2, 2010


It's so redundant to say that I can't believe Bay has started school, but it's true.  She looks so tiny getting on the bus.  She was keyed up and raring to go yesterday, but once it was time to go wait for the bus she decided that she needed to hold Neil's hand.  She held it from the time we stepped outside until the bus came (quite unlike her).  She wore absolutely nothing new.  She wore her favorite t-shirt and her favorite cardigan.  Everything was clean and new-ish, but this is a girl whose clothes have to "feel right" or the day is going to nosedive.  When the bus dropped her home I went out to meet it  (I think that kindergartners have to be met, the drivers won't let them off unless a parent is waiting) there was a delay.  I could see Gus inside moving around and I assumed that he was gathering his stuff, which is not okay - he knows that he needs to be ready to hustle as far as the bus is concerned.  The lights are flashing, cars are backing up on our road (no doubt wondering the the HELL is the hold up) when finally Gus and Bay descend the steps.  She was asleep, he called to me....  I had to wake her up!  It's maybe a 20 minute ride.  "Yup", she confirmed: "I did.  I fell asleep on the bus!"


  1. Oh my gosh. That is so funny. Poor tired little girl. Good thing she has big brothers to take such good care of her.

  2. Oh, that is about the cutest thing!! Poor tuckered girl! Hope she enjoyed it atleast!!


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