Thursday, September 23, 2010

walking and talking

Truly, one of the most ANNOYING things about being short of breath is not being able to walk around while talking on the phone at the same time.  When I am on the phone, I am moving.  I get some of my best work done!  Some people sit and chat; I move around a LOT.  For the first time I don't have enough breath to do both comfortably.  It's very, very disconcerting.  The Ventolin is helping and the antibiotics should kick in tomorrow.  (Remember.....  well-wishers beware.....  just don't do it.)

I completed a successful trip to Costco today....and by successful I mean that all the goodies I bought have been secreted away in all kinds of sneaky and devious spots ensuring that that I can make them last more than three days.  It's certainly cheaper without the children but  I'm used to having my minions ready and waiting when I pull up.  It's no fun unloading the Costco loot by yourSELF.


  1. I do a pretty good job of avoiding phones even when my breathing is fine :) Not a big phone person... Glad the ventolin is helping!(not a well wishing comment, right?)

    One thing I found interesting. Once Dad and I were out hiking up to Marymere and my chest felt really tight which I recognized to be an asthma attack which I had never really had problems with before. We drove home and I checked my O2 sats which read 90. No inhalers around so I got online looked up home remedies and found that many used a hot caffeinated drink. A cup of hot tea later and my sats were back to 97. I drink a lot of coffee in the morning which does more than anything to get me "functional" I think... Just thought you might find that interesting :)

    97 RT 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. We might be soulsiblings.... we really might....

  3. I am not well wishing I am currently sticking my tongue out at you!!!!!! Love ya!!!!

  4. Nice job Carrie. I won't have to block you!


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