Friday, October 15, 2010

Maybe normal

Life might be getting back to normal.  Busy.  Crowded.  Noisy.  I like it like this.  My favorite thing right now is having all Gene's friends here.  Before I had a big, strong, loud, hairy one of these I found this age and stage pretty intimidating.  Having one all of my own dispelled a lot of the myth.  They are pretty nice.  Feed them and they talk.  Do their laundry and they could care less and never thank you, however run out of clean clothes for them and they are confused regardless of the HUGE, ENORMOUS, PILE of dirty clothes that they stumble over getting out of bed in the morning.  They are amazingly coordinated AND amazingly Uncoordinated at the same time.  They are full of contradictions and conflict.  I really, really like mine.  And I really, really, really like his friends!

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  1. I like mine too, all of mine, aren't we lucky?


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