Saturday, November 13, 2010


While I recognize that I have gotten off easily my whole life in terms of not having to adhere to any hugely demanding treatment schedule I still find it difficult to adapt to the fact that I now need to fit my life around my treatments.  I have no idea who people put up with this shit prior to computers....  I could give Gus a run for his money in intolerance if I had to do this crap without being online.

I'm going to add a second nebulizer treatment twice a day which only puts me up to 40 minutes and I can do my Vest at the same time.  My cardio class starts at 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so I can actually get all this done before working out after the kids get on the bus at 7.30.  Not bad....  but the weekends are tricky.  Tuesday/Thursday's classes start at 8:00am which means that I should come straight home and do my nebs and Vest then, but I'm easily distracted by house/school/dinner by mid-morning.  I actually recognize this as bullshit, I really do have the time to fit in all treatments.  I just need to stop thinking of it as optional.  

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