Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two Good Friends Living Less Than One Mile Away

When I moved here I swore that 39 was no age to start making new friends.  I had plenty of friends and I didn't need more.  I also strongly suspect that the first people to hone in on the "new people" are the crazy people.  Of course I have made a few friends since I moved here.  Kimberly and I hit it off easily.  Her sense of humour matches mine and she and I have similar approaches to child-rearing, religion and life in general.  Everyone needs "One Good Friend Living Less Than One Mile Away".  Check. (These are the people you go to when the people you live with have shredded you down to your last nerve and they are now standing on THAT.

Then I met Karen.  We share similar approaches to child-rearing, religion and life in general.  We share the same sense of of humor AND a love of profanity.  We both deal with health issues (she's a great addition to my Acronym Bank given that she has MS) and share a mutual resistance to being defined by them.

And now (at the ripe old age of 41): Enter Nora.  We met when Gus (of course) and her son Dylan exchanged numbers on the bus and "set up a playdate".  It transpired that Dyalan is only five and is in Bay's class.  It has also transpired that Bay and Dylan get along very, very well together.  Nora is fun, silly, smart and also has similar approaches to child rearing, religion and life in general.  We are scary similar.  She is also "One Good Friend Living Less Than One One Mile Away"  Life is fun.  But more importantly, when you stand back and thank God for the things that happen in life...for the coincidences, for the oddities that life brings I now thank him fervently that my name isn't Dora.

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