Wednesday, January 5, 2011 (You get the idea.)

The ABPA is on (again).  The results from the sunshiney state of California are in.  I do have ABPA.  Given that I am feeling relatively good right now I am somewhat glad to at least have a result (again).  My steroid dose is not very high so therefore I can manage my diabetes without too much complication.  However, I do believe I need to go on a more diabetic-style diet.  I love my carbs and without the steroids I appeared to be able to have them and eat them too...  but that diet won't work with potential long-term steroids.  The good news here is that the modern diabetic diet is not horribly restrictive and extremely healthy for the whole family.  Therefore the whole family will be making this healthy change with me.  (If you see the whole family don't tell them this, they don't know it yet).

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