Thursday, February 10, 2011


The teenagers call them "dank".  I'd be insulted except that evidently today's "dank" does not mean what "dank" meant in MY day.  I started making these after Dearbhla indoctrinated me back in November.  They are green.  They are full of things kids typically hate to eat.  They are healthy.  They taste great and they MIGHT, JUST, make you HEALTHIER.  Feel free to skip all that and just focus on the fact that they are DANK!  I have been on a daily dose of these since early November and I'm not sayin' I'm cured or nothin' but we have had a hell of a lot of exposure to colds, strep and other bugs and although I have a nasty cough right now I have avoided other viruses.  Interesting.  (Started some new drugs for said cough today.)

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  1. I am tempted to ask for a recipe...I'm not sure I could get past the looks though. :( I am on my forth bout of bronchitis and a sinus infection since the end of August(I do have a regular primary care physician now as of today, and will be getting a full physical by the end of the month)...since I'm hitting 30 in a few weeks and all. Ack!!


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