Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eighties Movies Revisited

I am a fan of the big gesture.  John Cusack standing in the rain with the stereo, forever set the standard.  I did NOT marry someone who is a man of gesture.  He is a man of actualities.  This is a good thing if you are a wife who likes things done.  Stuff built.  Actual stuff.  Fixed.  Dug.  I am such a wife.  But I also want that John Cusack serenade (and if you grew up on a steady diet of eighties movies you know exactly what I'm referring to).  What we have here is a case of Starry-eyed Romantic marries Clear-sighted Steady Realist. I finally figured out that I might want to start seeing the gesture in the completed projects: enjoy the romance of the elegantly executed bookcase I requested, for example.  (Might make me seem less whiny.)   Gene might take after his dad.  Neil is my boy.  Pretty sure Gus will make me and Neil look about as romantic as Darth Vader.  The jury is still out on Bay.  She sure does like her sparkly jewelry though and she has this whole narrative about "weel diamonds".

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