Friday, September 9, 2011

If you are six and really, really lucky!

Here is a recipe for a perfect day for Bay and Eva: 
The Mall: First stop the escalator because what six year old doesn't want to ride up and down for no reason.  Next stop the Indoor Play Area where they get to climb, jump, run, giggle, jump, run and sit in an immobile cartoon-like airplane.  Next stop: Claire's (it's an accessory store that features all kinds of kid and teenage jewelry... it's a crazy, chaotic mess of pink/glitter/Hello Kitty in every possible accessory!)  There you get to pick out three pairs of clip-on earings.  Then on to the Frozen Yogurt place that has 74 different kinds of sprinkle-able/fruit/cookie/sauce topping.  Finally you HAVE to ride the escalator one last time.  The end!

(Thanks Aunt Lisa!)


  1. I love frozen yogurt which tend to lower in fat. I normally made them with my simple ice cream machine. They are just great and I do see your family do love them very much.

  2. You're welcome!!!! Love you guys.


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