Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh yay! Oh yay! Oh yay!

Gene just said "Mom?  I think that Republicans are kinda stupid...  I mean they think that when the upper class are rich then the economy does better, well... that doesn't really make sense".  Then he went on to argue his point... something to do with World War II, but frankly I was too busy trying not to jump up and down clapping....  It must be said that up until now, this boy's political direction was unclear.  (THE  WAY  IT  SHOULD  BE  FOR  ANY  FIRST  TIME  VOTER  WHO  IS  ENCOURAGED  TO  THINK  FOR  THEMSELVES  AND  EXAMINE  THE  NEWS  CAREFULLY.)  It should be mentioned that there is a new Current World Problems teacher at our school who has these kids thinking politically, globally and critically like never before. 

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