Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Generic 2%. Whatever's on sale.

We have a new boy now.  Travis.  When he stumbled upon my blog he was not impressed that there was no "Travis" label.  I knew I had to rectify that.  So this is for Travis, who, being a teenage boy with a head full of teenage boy crap has probably totally forgotten this blog and that conversation already.  (Oh and he's not a permanent fixture.... he is only hear about 80% of the time.  He sleeps at home on weeknights.  The rest of the time he's here.  He is a senior.  He plays football with Neil and he has taken over as Neil's driver.  He eats a LOT of food but has been known to call me from the store to text me a conversation like the following:

        TW   Do you want me to pick up milk.  I am at the store.
        DP    We have milk but I can always use more, so yes.
        TW   Wow.  There's a shit ton of kinds of milk!  What the hell kind do I buy?

He's a keeper alright.

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