Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weekend with the cousins

Bay loves Auntie Dearbhla's house. She loves her cousins... loves to get to play in a house where dress-up is an integral part of the day. When we are there she is off playing... rarely seeking me out as she does everyplace else.... except maybe Auntie Terry's, where she is positively spoiled by all four of her cousins. Neil and Bay came with me to Dearbhla's, along with Dad and Mom. The ferry from Port Townsend is the smallest I've ever been with, but a lovely ride. I really want to spend a day in Port Townsend with the kids, it's a great little town.

On a separate note, the boys were in Chris and Chelsey's wedding. Our BABYSITTERS are getting married... this is a sign that you are getting old... Chris and Chelsey are like family. They have been our babysitters since Gus was about two. The boys have so many stories that start with "remember when Chris and Chelsey took us to.... " Our family's favorite Chris and Chelsey story involves..... Trent and I going out.... Chris and Chelsey feeding the boys.... Neil chokes on hot dog... Chris does Heimlich maneuver on Neil... Hot dog flies out of Neil's mouth... Ginny eats hot dog... Interestingly this story focuses on the gross factor of Ginny eating the post-Heimliched hot dog... not so much on Chris and Chelsey saving Neil's life!! Chelsey has never missed a holiday without including the boys in cards or gifts... including Valentines AND Halloween. Photos of the boys in tuxedos will follow.

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