Monday, November 10, 2008

Gus, off on his holliers

Gus goes to Florida with Grandma Shirley tomorrow. We've never had a kid gone anywhere for more than an overnight... and Gus has only been on very few of even those!! I am quite nervous about being apart from him. He will be with Grandma and Aunt Lisa so he'll be in good hands. He and Alex are good friends so Shirley offered to take him with her on her visit which is a great opportunity for Gus. As the youngest of three boys he doesn't often get to have the limelight. I think that he will really enjoy all the attention and hopefully he'll miss his siblings a little. I'm going to miss him terribly. It will be interesting to see how school is without him.

Tomorrow Trent is going to take him to Enumclaw to Shirley's and also get the car out of the garage, empty the garage and pack up the truck with anything else that he can. We have to be out by December 05th and Trent learned today that the next two weekends are booked up with work... which is of course a good thing, the timing is just bad. So it looks like we will be moving in one weekend... over Thanksgiving. I'll go to Buckley next week and the following week for a few days and box up as much stuff as I can.

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