Friday, November 7, 2008


Whether of not homeschooling is the right choice is such a tricky issue. How do I know if I am teaching "enough" or the "right" way or the "right" stuff...? Interestingly tonight both boys chose activities while the TV was on (I know... maybe tomorrow night we'll keep it off!!!) BUT, Gus sat for at least an hour (with few breaks) playing with legos... with no instruction or suggestion from anyone. He didn't talk, he just built vehicles... Neil had been watching TV and then told me he just decided he "wanted to draw" so he got out the art stuff and sat at the table (again totally independent, completely selfdirected) and drew and colored pictures. This seems important to me and maybe they would've done it anyway... but I think that they seem to do stuff like this more often since we started homeschooling.

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