Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to school, reluctantly, of course...

It seems like only yesterday we had school. Gus asked me tonight if we could have "one more free day". It's so funny, cause for all that we do, by comparison with what he would be doing in school... why do they care whether we "do school" or not. It's not like they do a solid 5 hours.

Gus just told me that "I love Santa.... he's the nicest guy in the world... well God is, but Santa is the second... d'you think Santa knows God?" Gus has been more sensitive (in a good way) lately. A few days ago he asked me if my cough was better. I said that yes, it was was much better and he said.... "Good, then my wish came through... cause that's what I wished for my birthday".

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