Saturday, January 31, 2009


Got my new nebulizer yesterday. It is SO cute! AND so small! AND it has a car adapter.... don't know that I'd actually do meds while driving, but I suppose I could do them while Trent drove. However, the saline can be a little "smokey" in an enclosed space... so that might be funny (and dangerous too, I suppose!!) I'll HAVE to post a photo of it compared to what I've been using. Now the big question is... does it do the job? I haven't tried it yet, but my old nebulizer was taking for EVER. 5ccs of saline was taking me about 30 - 40 minutes to do. This isn't too bad if it's all I had to do (which it is right now). But it wouldn't be all that unlikely that I'll be back on Tobi again sometime in the future... there is NO way I'd want to do 30 mins of saline PLUS 20 mins of Tobi. (I'm not saying the I "couldn't" do it... I'm saying that I wouldn't "want" to do it. Big difference. I'm a busy girl. I'd be a busy girl with a bad attitude, I suppose. (I've been accused of worse). (Photo shows old Neb in background, new little, teeney-weeney, baby neb in foreground).

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