Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gus wants to go to school...

Gus has campaigned and campaigned to go to school. I think that we have done well with him, his reading is way better than when we started last April, but his writing really hasn't improved. His math is wonderful. He "gets" math with very little effort. The writing issues drove me to stay up many nights since Christmas trying to come up with ways to help him, cajole him, inspire him... and in trolling the net I found something called dysgraphia. I so do not want to find a nice, neat little lable and then feel like my job is done. But, I am considering involving the local school district a little and seeing if they can assess him. Then, I am tempted to let him try school. Trent commented that "that's fine, but he can't change his mind once he goes... if he signs up then that's that".... and I know all the reasons why this is "reasonable"... but part of me thinks "really??? really??? cause you know he's like all of EIGHT years old... can we really allow him go back with those kinds of restraints... this is a new school, new teachers (which might actually work to his advantage), new schedule... REALLY?? He can't be allowed change his mind? Bearing in mind that he never chose to stay home, he would've gone to the local school if we had placed him.... Really?? Trent and I have some talkin' to do.

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