Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gene's Got Game

Okay... so I am one of the world's worst for under-rating my children's achievement. Today I packed up the kids and went to Gene's basketball game. It's kind of a hassle, one that I have avoided (with many good reasons) during his season. CRAP! The kid is a good player. He was all over the court! People were shouting HIS name!!! I was SO proud... and I do NOT get excited about sports (I know that this is a bad thing, I blame it on my upbringing). The game was SO close but they lost and I felt SO disappointed! At one point Bay was whining and wanted to: go home; have cheese and crackers (which I hadn't brought); go to the bathroom; watch a movie; and Trent turned to me, gave me a quick kiss and said "see you later" (assuming that I would, as usual be only too happy to pack them up and head home). I looked at him open mouthed... they were in 4 minutes of overtime with only a four point spread... There was NO way I could leave. I was so excited for Gene!

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