Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maxwell, the Bay

Bay regularly pretends to be a dog. A dog called "Maxwell". She starts by going down on all fours and saying "Mom, call me Maxwell" and the game begins. She can be a dog for a long time and she WILL not talk... only bark, or whine although she will shake or nod her head. She got into our bed last night as a dog and Trent said "no dogs in bed, come in if you are Bay". (It is cute but it does get a little tiresome... because she wants you to engage with her as you would a DOG... so it is very involved.) She got into bed and Trent said "Goodnight Bay". She didn't say anything... but took her fingers out of her mouth like she was contemplating a response. Trent said it again... "Goodnight Bay". After a few seconds Bay said "woof".

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