Monday, March 16, 2009

La Feile Padraig... and all that...

Tomorrow is Tuesday school. BUT it's also St Patrick's Day. Ah Jesus... I don't know if I can take it... (and last week we left early cause Neil "wasn't feeling well"... so I can hardly do that again so soon.... If only I'd realised that St Patrick's Day fell on a "school" day I would have made SURE to skip toMORROW). Snakes, pinches, leprechauns, green, food misconceptions.... Tomorrow is going to challenge my happy-g0-lucky nature. The cynic in me may be very close to the surface. I may use bad words. Fer fuck sake who can blame me? I will not (NOT) be wearing green. I do that every year... I mean I DON'T do that every year (obviously).

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