Monday, March 16, 2009

Now I'm annoyed....

No one seems to understand the process of laundry in this house. When the boys are sent to "clean" their pens... (I can't call them rooms... they only sleep there and apparently root around) anything that is not put away can (apparently) be put back in the laundry pile. Obviously, this is a LOT easier than actually putting stuff aWAY. They used to be much better at this. (Granted I DID have a great laundry room that effectively did away with three out of the 8 steps of laundry. (EIGHT steps you say??? Oh Yessss... I am very particular about laundry... Sort, pre-treat bad stains, Wash, Sort, Dry, Origami-fold, Sort, Schlep baskets to rooms, Shelve.) In fairness, everyone probably does this... (except for my folding... origami style) I thought that I got my laundry skills from my mother, but last time I was home she creased Trent's jeans in the wrong place... so he had the old man creases straight up the middle of his legs (interestingly this is how his mom does it too, except she also irons....)(I do NOT iron) So I realise that my laundry issues might be all my own. I wonder what I did in a past life to either a) deserve this... or b) to be so damn good at it... Whatever... the boys are facing a harsh reality, cause I'm considering a laundry strike... until they appreciate how much work it is.

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