Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Weekend

I appear to be still celebrating my birthday! We had a great weekend with the cousins in Victoria. I only had two kids with me (Trent had baseball tryouts with Neil). The weekend was so much fun. I got my wish of not moving far from the kitchen or living room. NO walks ON the beach... NO walks TO the park... No people jumping OUT OF cakes. (I HATE that!) BUT I did get lots of presents and some great cards. The O'Flynn cousins seem to have a distinctly crazy sense of humor. They each picked out a card for me and each one was funny and they each wrote funny things on them too. The O'Leary made cards (all featuring crayoned versions of me!) Truthfully, I felt very special. (Yes... "Auntie Dawa is VURY special..... ") I was feelin' the love.

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