Friday, March 13, 2009


Things have greatly calmed down since Gus went back to school. However that can also be translated to read that things are completely frigging boring since Gus went back to school. Neil and I get through his work easily in two to three hours. It's enjoyable to spend school time with him, he is focused on getting the job done and loves to be read to. His main goal is to finish early, but who cares? Without Gus, there is a missing element of unpredictability... which is nice... sort of! We don't seem to have those incidents where I turn around and everyone has disappeared, we don't have as much random violence involved Lego guns or sticks. Yes, things have greatly calmed down since Gus went back to school but it is also a lot less FUN.

Gus does NOT like school and is extremely verbal about it. It took all of four days to get to that point. His first words off the bus are ... "well... school wasn't so good today... " or "school is SO dumb..." He has also managed to clock up a record number of sick-room visits due to playground accidents... Last Friday he spent the last hour of school with a HUGE bandage around his forehead for a gash from some playground equipment. He reported that the school have added a "safety bar" to some piece of jungle jim where he got whacked with something. Yesterday I not only got a call from his teacher reporting that the ran into something during recess and put his tooth into his lip (oWWWWW), I also got a call from the nurse saying that during the routine annual vision screening he had a lot of trouble with "his eyes burning" and he really does not seem to have strong vision at ALL! She also added that he was a "very pleasant boy". Jesus... he is SO putting one over on them.... I now have to make him an optometrist appointment to check his perfect vision. Oh, lets see... I guess that will involve taking him out of school for a half day....

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