Wednesday, April 15, 2009

and on with the circus...

It's early days yet, but we have had an offer on our house! We are passed excitement... We reached "mutual acceptance" on Monday. I feel such a huge sense of relief. If all goes according to plan we close on May 15th. It seems too surreal (and also a little premature) to celebrate just yet. I think we will feel the reality of it all in a few weeks. For now, we are just relieved. Trent is a little sad too... I forget that at some point we are going to walk out the door of our home for the last time. The house in Buckley is full of "us". It will be hard to walk away from it. But we can finally start work here and make this house "ours". It has never felt ours. We are also ready to plough! I will be taking a LOT of photos!

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