Thursday, April 16, 2009


Gus's teacher called yesterday to talk to us about his progress. She said that she couldn't convey her excitement in an email so she wanted to talk to us personally. Apparently GUS is the HARDEST worker she has seen. (I know... I know... me too... ) She tested his reading yesterday and was astounded at his progress. Well, actually, she predicted his actual progress but was astounded to see it in a quantifiable "test". He has jumped a full year from where he tested with her when he started with her in the middle of February to where is is now. She repeated that he works SO HARD. Also, interestingly, when he read for her yesterday, he used all the new strategies he has learned... and she knew this because when he reads, he talks himself through any difficult patches OUT LOUD. Yes, he talks to himself. So, she actually heard him use the strategies she has taught him! I was flabbergasted and HAD to tell her that we were never able to get him to "work" for us... that our word for Gus was that "he was a ball-buster". (She laughed maybe nervously when I said that.) But... there he is GUS... the WORKER. Who would've guessed. The really crazy thing for me is that I have had to admit that he "fits" in school. He seems happier (well... for Gus!) and although he is still a nightmare (NIGHTMARE) in the morning, once we get out to wait for the bus, he is happy and chatty and gets on the bus with no drama. He EVEN kisses me goodbye. (Before the bus comes in to view!)

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