Friday, April 24, 2009

The Audacity!

I now have a local pulmonologist. The last time I had someone "local" was when I lived in Seattle where the U was "local". Now however, Dr Aitken suggested I have someone local as backup, given that the U is far away in the event of something coming up where I didn't have the luxury of planning a trip to the U. This is all very hypothetical for me, it really is only for that time in the future (presumably) when my CF is more problematic than it is now. I've never had someone involved in my CF care who was not a CF specialist. It feels strange to have a new player! It might not have mattered had he not implied that he wanted more than my suggested "annual visit with him". He's a really nice guy, and probably the reason Dr Aitken suggested him by name is that he is not going to take a passive role. Crap. I was planning to dictate this relationship and I don't think this guy is going to go for it. He had the audacity to suggest some changes to how I handle some of my daily care... or more precisely how I DON'T handle some of my daily care. He offered a few suggestions for my visit at the U. I like him. My sarcasm stems from a knee jerk reaction to ANYone (regardless of title) offering advice on how I handle my CF. Imagine! The cheek!!

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