Friday, April 24, 2009


We are going to Buckley this weekend to get our house moved. We are doing this a little prematurely, but given that the main bridge to the peninsula will be closed for FIVE WEEKS starting May 1st we don't feel that we have any choice. It's begun to get exciting. Everyone but Trent and Gus are ready to move. Gus is having the hardest time accepting that we really are selling the house. That someone else will live there... in HIS house. I think that as this house starts to change he will be happier. I'm not sure that he realises all that we plan to do to this place. Trent will be fine once the weekend is over, but he also has a hard time letting the house go... with all that he did there. I'm ready. Although, having said that, I'll be the one who'll be a blubbering mess when I have to pull the door closed behind me.

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