Monday, April 27, 2009

A Little Closer

We moved our furniture out of the Buckley house. I say "we"... I did not actually move much actual furniture... Gene and Trent moved a LOT of furniture. Thanks to Shirley the house was boxed up and ready to go. Trent parked the moving van at 9 a.m. and Charlie pulled out of Buckley and drove it to Port Angeles at 3:45 pm. Gina and Gigi moved us and then drove to Port Angeles with a loaded pick-up truck. Kelly Fitz dismantled furniture and helped too as did Jody Nesbitt... Too cool.... we didn't expect so much help and it really sped the day up. On our Port Angeles end our great friends the Burns fed us dinner two nights in a row AND turned up Sunday morning to help us unload. Trent is a wreck and has a cold now and believes that he has the swine flu. All I ask right now is that if I am to die of something that it NOT be something with the word "swine" in it. (Bovine's not high on my list either.) (I mean SERIOUSLY.....) Gus took the move better than I'd hoped... there were so many people at the house that I think he found the whole day to be a big of a whirlwind (we all did, really... even Trent didn't have time to be sad... and nor did I...) Besides, Gus had his beloved Godparents there and nothing makes a day more fun than having Gina and Gigi around!

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