Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tastes like................

Yes... chicken... although Siri didn't get much of a taste... AND the chicken is still alive...

Neil got chickens. Only two... (because we are a little overwhelmed with our to-do list right now). Poor Neil's been waiting to get his chickens since we moved here... so two is better than us totally laming out on the bargain. We've had them since Monday, and the dogs are just going mental with the smell of them and the sound of them and the lack of opportunity to actually get a good sniff of them! Today Neil and I spent about 30 minutes watching Ginny quiver with the nearness of the birds while we sat next to her smacking her HARD on the nose every time she lunged at the cage. Siri sat innocently by... looking like butter (or chicken) wouldn't melt in her mouth. I was feeling good about them both... Ginny was using marginal restraint and Siri seemed to understand that these little fellas were off limits. Then we made the mistake of leaving the cage outside (INSIDE a pen, mind you...) and Siri (in a moment of canine weakness) dove for the cage and got one THROUGH the wire cage. It was bleeding but it must have just been a nick 'cause she's still here and doing all the normal chickeny things she had been doing (mostly pooping). She's under observation and seems to be fine. (Of course she MAY BE FINE as they both look the same so we may be observing the FINE one anyway.... - looks like chicken...)

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