Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bay is four!

I cannot believe that Bay is four. Neither can she apparently, because she started off her day insisting that she was NOT four... she was "free". She warmed up to the idea after the boys reminded her of her presents. The fabulous Burns family came over to make up our "party". Some day I won't be so lame and will plan an actual party...... maybe next year when she turns five. Four just seems like a time to celebrate without going over the top. If she were in preschool it might be different because she would probably have attended other little girls parties and therefore have some idea of what she should expect! We are happy for low-key. Birthdays and parties and expectations met (and not) and sophisticated social networks and elaborate wish lists won't be long coming. For now, Bay was happy to help make her cake (chocolate) and was most excited that Jimmy was coming. Jimmy is the Burns family's cute little terrier that Bay pretends is her own. Kimberly attached balloons to Jimmy and as they were leaving Bay tried to give Kimberly the balloons back saying "here are your balloons"... Four is still innocent.

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