Sunday, April 19, 2009

No more excuses now I mean it...

If and when our house sells I am SO joining the Y and starting to work out again. I loved being fit. For a short time I was even strong (granted it WAS a short time... but still... there was muscle.... there was some small amount of definition...)! It will be interesting to do it and see what it does to my spirometry... (now measurable with my handy-dandy spirometer!!) Obviously, it will have to show something, I can tell without any test how much less I cough when I am working out. But it will be a huge motivator to see those numbers change. I quit the gym in October of '07 when we put our house on the market, assuming that our house would sell quickly enough that I wouldn't have time to attend the gym and I SO wasn't going to be one of those people who pay and don't go. Then the months dragged on and I never went back. Now I am unfit and a weakling! Give me three months.... hopefully I'll turn my lazy (albeit skinny) ass around. I have also managed to not drink any coke for two weeks. Amazing what a budget does to you... oh and an upcoming dentist visit. (Argh)

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