Thursday, April 23, 2009

The new Gus and the other Gus

According to Merriam Webster a ball buster is ...."sometimes vulgar : a person who is relentlessly aggressive, intimidating, or domineering". Vulgar or not... we have always described Gus as a ball buster. This label is most often used following any kind of academic exercise... i.e. homeschooling... or homework.... Lately however, he tackles his homework with less negativity than ever before. It is as if the light bulb has flipped on and he "gets it". It's very encouraging (to say the least) and has meant that our evenings are not so fraught with volatility! There is almost a sense of calm... and he seems less inclined to throw things and slump in his chair sighing dramatically. I'm not saying we won't see that side of him again... I'm sure he'll show up about the fourth day of summer holidays when I suggest some writing....

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