Thursday, April 9, 2009

There's frugal....

... and there's TOO frugal... and then there's paranoid. I sent Neil into the store this morning to QUICKLY go get a card for his friend who had a birthday today. I warned Neil to try to spend three dollars OR less... (knowing me I probably went on about this a little... but there's no need to go into that RIGHT NOW...) Anyway, Neil came out with a card that he got for $2.50. I was impressed. He stared to write in it and then THOUGHTFULLY commented... "and mom, the lady in the store she tried to BRIBE me to buy an envelope too..." I said... "Neil! Did you NOT get an envelope". He said "No, I don't need one, but the lady was trying to MAKE me buy one". I went on to explain to Neil, that although I admired his frugal nature... and he was right... you don't necessarily NEED an envelope... you actually get one FREE with the card". He was surprised and then asked me to please stop laughing now.

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