Monday, May 4, 2009


The boys are not enjoying our new schedule. The weekends are the problem. Unfortunately, there's no way to sugar coat it for them (and no point in sugar coating it anyway). Now that our house has "sold" (I am still struggling to write that or say it until after the 15th) weekends are going to be work based. The annoying thing for Trent and I is that we are doing the basement first... so THEY get their cool SPACE a year before we get our kitchen... or our floors...!! I actually understand that they are too young to appreciate that... you aren't meant to be appreciative for your living space at that age... not unless you a refugee... our kids are way too spoiled to actually understand that these things are NOT an entitlement, and anyway, in their defense in this country (and most others) they ARE an entitlement. In this country a cell phone is a bloody entitlement! So... the weekends, for the next six months (at least) are going to involve a lot of work.... garbage hauling... furniture moving... sweeping... vacuuming... and general dogsbodying for anyone who is "in charge" of whatever project is being undertook. Yes... it's going to get nasty around here. Nasty and ANNOYING.

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